Dra. Patricia Martí Puig

Patricia Martí Puig is a Marine Senior Ecologist at Charles Darwin Foundation. She is currently leading 2 major research projects for the CDF, which include the Seamounts and the Subtidal Ecological Monitoring projects at the Galapagos Marine Reserve. Patricia has previously worked in numerous research projects over the world, including ecology, genetics, Marine Protected Areas, scientific awareness and education in different sectors (NGO, private sector and academia). Patricia is also a board member of the Collaborative Leadership Learning Forum, a program designed to identify outstanding individuals from MPAs who have shown the promise of leadership and innovative thinking. Her professional interest is to translate scientific knowledge for a sustainable use of marine resources. More info: www.patypuig.com


  • 2016. Doctor of Philosophy in Biodiversity and Evolution. CIRSA, University of Bologna, Italy.

  • 2011. Master of Science in Marine biodiversity and Conservation. Erasmus Mundus. University of Ghent, Belgium, University of Oviedo, Spain.

  • 2009. Degree in Biology (specialty animal biology) University Autonomous of Barcelona, Spain, University of Trieste, Italy.

Most relevant publications

P. Marti-Puig, A. Calò , M. Ponti , F. Costantini , A. Villamor , M. Abbiati and J. García-Charton, 2016.Guidelines on Genetic connectivity as a tool for assessing the effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas.Rapp. Comm. int. Mer Médit., 41 : 548.

Patricia Marti-Puig (2016). Genetic and morphological features of Patella caerulea and Patella rustica across Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas. PhD thesis. University of Bologna.

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Marti-Puig, Patricia; Forsman, Zac H; Haverkort-Yeh, Roxanne D; Knapp, Ingrid SS; Maragos, James E; Toonen, Robert J. Extreme phenotypic polymorphism in the coral genus Pocillopora; micro-morphology corresponds to mitochondrial groups, while colony morphology does not. Bulletin of Marine Science, Volume 90, Number 1, January 2014, pp. 211-231(21).

Patricia Marti-Puig, Federica Costantini, Luca Rugiu, Massimo Ponti & Marco Abbiati. Patterns of genetic connectivity in invertebrates of temperate MPA networks. Advances in Oceanography and Limnology. Volume 4, Issue 2, November 2013.

A Gori, C Orejas, T Madurell, L Bramanti, M Martins, E Quintanilla, P Marti-Puig, C Lo Iacono, P Puig,S Requena, M Greenacre, J Gili. Bathymetrical distribution and size structure of cold-water coral populations in the Cap de Creus and Lacaze-Duthiers canyons (northwestern Mediterranean). Biogeosciences Discussions Vol 9, 2012/12, p. 19053-19084.