The Team

GMaRE is compose of researches from the Faculty of Marine Sciences at ESPOL and the Biomar Department at CDF


Pelayo Salinas de León,phd.

Pelayo Salinas de León is since 2012 a senior marine scientist for the CDF. Prior to fulfilling his childhood dream of conducting research on the Galapagos Islands, Pelayo conducted post-doctoral research with the University of Havana, Cuba.


Inti Keith, PhD.

Inti Keith is a Senior Marine Biologist at the Charles Darwin Foundation; she leads the Marine Invasive Species Program in collaboration with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center as well as the long-term Subtidal Ecological Monitoring Project in the Galapagos Marine Reserve


Dr. rer. nat. Rafael Bermúdez Monsalve

Rafael Bermúdez is a Lecturer at ESPOL. Rafael is interested in the bacterial and viral diversity at the eastern equatorial Pacific, where the Humboldt and Panama currents meet. He has also worked on the effect of Ocean Acidification in the biomolecular composition of primary producers and its concomitant influence in food webs.


Salome Buglass, msc.

Salome Buglass is a Marine Ecologist at CDF.



Dra. Patricia Martí Puig

Patricia Martí Puig is a Marine Senior Ecologist at Charles Darwin Foundation. Her professional interest is to translate scientific knowledge for a sustainable use of marine resources

Jose Marín Jarrin,phd.

Jose Marín is the Research Coordinator at CDF. Jose is interested in the ecology of fish and crustaceans, the dynamics of coastal populations and communities, life history diversity and its influence on population resilience, habitat use and selection, and the potential impact of climate change on fish populations.